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The Gap House


As the name suggests, this home was designed for those spaces in the topography that sit between two steeper regions. Typically this is referred to as a gap, and draw, or a drainage due to the fact that these areas tend to collect and discharge surface water. They also collect fallen boulders, trees, and other debris making them rich habitats for the local ecology. Trail builders like to build bridges across these lower areas to get hikers or bikers safely across. The architecture reflects this concept on the land as well as a person's experience of it.


The Gap House connects the primary suite wing to the main living area with the foyer and staircase. The roof lines funnel water and your sightline down through the home into the draw below. Opposite to the primary suite is the office. This space is tucked under the loft stairs and with the addition of a Murphy bed, doubles as a guest suite. With its large scullery behind the kitchen, life is conveniently lived on one level in this home. But with all the space below, it can also comfortably handle the rest of your family when they come to visit.

This home is a collection of more intimate spaces; Each with their own individual moods for different activities or times of the day.  

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